Hey! I'm Maya, the one running this blog.
Let me fill you in on what's been going on in my life.

Writing a short bio is a bit odd. You've got to pick the things that matter most, but what do you do when there are countless stories and dear people in your life? I didn't want to get into all the nitty-gritty details, like the fact that I've lived in 13 different apartments in the last 10 years. But, hey, let's not worry about the details for a moment.
Born in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Photo: At the hospital, Dad is waiting to hold me.
As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a film director or running a magazine.
Photo: At home. Taking photos in front of the carpet on the wall is such a post-Soviet thing.
The Revolution of Dignity took place in Ukraine.
Russia annexed Crimea.
Moving to Kraków, Poland to study film.
Photo: Sitting on Rynek Główny in Kraków, probably after my work shift.
Juggling full-time studies with three part-time jobs (wouldn't recommend!).
Embarking on my first-ever hitchhiking trip in Europe during my summer break.
Photo: Hitchhiking in Croatia.
Moving to Kastoria (the coldest town in Greece), after receiving the Erasmus scholarship. Hopping on my first flight ever.
Photo: Sipping coffee in Kastoria.
Getting my bachelor's degree, freelancing as a journalist (besides many other gigs). Oh, and being deported from Poland.
Photo: My last day at university, no family gathering.
Moving to Norway. Joining The Oslo Desk's journalism training program. Returning to Kyiv for two months, still hungry for adventures.
Photo: Focused learning during the internship.
Moving for a job at a startup digital agency in Poznań, Poland. Had never been to Poznań before!
Photo: I'm in the middle, a random day at the office.
Pandemic hits hard, but with good friends by my side. Promoted to content team lead at the agency.
Photo: Taking a selfie during a home party.
Meeting Pav, having the best summer of my life. Moving to Gdańsk, Poland, for a new job as a marketing team lead. Once more in a new city with no friends. Starting to question my lifestyle 😄

Photo: Standing in the elevator in Gdańsk with half of my belongings. Moving alone sucks.
Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Living between Poznań and Gdańsk. Venturing on my first solo trip to Thailand. Relocating with Pav to Vienna, Austria.

Photo: Moving a mirror that Pav and I picked up for our new place.
Building a new life in Vienna. Working in the start up as a marketer.

Photo: In one of the many museums in Vienna
Launching this website to help others cope with immigration. Yay!
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